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WHO IS COVERED : If you live in the United States and you are the original owner (Transferable).

HOW LONG ARE YOU COVERED: For a period of ten years, Gen-Ex will repair any leaks that may occur in your roof subject to the following limitations, exclusions, provisions and conditions: the entire period of this limited labor warranty is for ten years and shall not be extended in the event service is performed.

•Gen-Ex IS responsible for any interior, exterior, or structural damage of any nature, including damage to any personal items that is caused by any leak that may develop due to labor error .

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for leaks caused by failure of any materials , equipment, or assemblies that Gen-Ex utilized in performing the roof work. These items are subject to manufacturers or processors guarantees or warranties.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for leaks caused by standing water, or for any structural work that needs to be done to correctly standing water problems.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for leaks caused by purchaser, consumer, his agents or associates, vandalism, work done by other contractors ( licensed or unlicensed) or acts of God, such as hurricanes, wind and hail storms.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for any leaks caused by accumulated debris on the roof or storm damage. debris removal is part of normal roof maintenance and is the responsibility of the homeowner.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for leaks in gutter systems, internal rain assemblies, skylight tops, stone chimneys, or roof areas under solar systems, unless specifically warranted in the roofing contract.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for foot traffic on your roof or damage caused by objects (such as tree branches) falling on your roof.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for discoloration caused by algae, fungi, lichens or cyanobacteria.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for settlement of the structure of your home or buckling or cracking of the deck over which your shingles are installed.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for damage to the shingles caused by alterations made after completion of application, structural changes , equipment installation, painting, or the application of cleaning solutions, coatings or other modifications.

•Gen-Ex IS NOT responsible for damage from the hanging of holiday lights and/or decorations which create penetrations to the application.

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