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Gutter & Soffit Repair & Installation

Route water away from your home and eliminate clogging and with Gen-Ex quality gutter solutions. Gutters serve a key function in keeping water away from the foundation of your property. Gutters can be damaged in many ways including high winds, clogs and debris. If you’ve discovered that your gutters don’t drain like they should, give our Gen-Ex experts a call at (815) 388-3561. Whether you need your gutters repaired or a new set installed we have the skills and equipment necessary to provide you with a stress-free residential project.

The soffit is the board that bridges the gap between a home’s siding and its roofline.This means they are the first thing to be damaged by water if the home’s gutters become clogged. Water gets in behind the soffit and damages the wood from the backside, causing wood rot and paint damage. If the leak is substantial enough, water can travel past the soffit into the exterior wall of the home and damage drywall, insulation, sheathing and framing. Moisture inside the wall not only causes expensive damage, but invites termites and carpenter ants to feed on the moist wood, worsening the problem. Once the soffit is rotted out the wood must be torn out and replaced. Gen-Ex takes the pain out of gutter and soffit repair and installation. Our licensed and insured professionals will answer any questions you have and make your residential project a breeze.

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