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Why we use the Catch-All Home and Landscape Protection System 

The Catch-All home and landscape protection system is designed to provide your home and landscaping with the ultimate protection during roof tear-off projects. The netting used protects lawns and landscaping from burning or suffocating under traditional tarps. This material is also designed specifically to take a beating from falling debris, in fact, the netting we use for The Landscape Protection Kit is SUPER tear-resistant. In addition to protecting your home and landscaping, this system helps us ensure a clean job site once the roofing project is complete. 


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Catch-All home and landscape protection system

Additional Safety precautions we follow during our exterior renovation projects include and are not limited to:

1. Keeping the job site clean at all times.

2. Take before and after pictures of your property to ensure any pre-existing damages are documented, to protect the homeowner and Gen-Ex.

3. Creating and following a custom checklist for each job and a final walkthrough to ensure every job is complete from start to finish. Also, answering any questions/concerns, the homeowner may have.

4. We follow all appointed safety guidelines to protect the homeowner and Gen-Ex from liability

Gen-Ex goes out of the way to please our customers, and their satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We offer a one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee and a twenty-four-hour emergency hotline. Gen-Ex also provides customers with a guarantee covering any labor errors.

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