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Emergency Storm Damage Cary

Gen Ex Construction is the number one roofing and siding emergency storm damage repair company that people from Cary, Illinois trust. We have local contractors in the area ready to help whenever you need it!  When you are faced with storm damage from high winds, hail, or heavy rains, Gen Ex is the solution.

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Emergency Siding Cary

Heavy storms with high winds can severely damage your siding. In severe weather conditions your siding can get damaged with holes, dents, pieces peeling or ripped off completely. Sometimes you can’t see the damage right away. After the storm you should try and look for any damages that may have occurred. Once you find the damage, call your insurance company and then call our professionals at Gen-Ex. We will come to your home in Cary to repair your siding and help prevent further damage from happening in the future.  

Emergency Siding Tips Cary:

If a storm is rolling through Cary with high winds and hail this could damage and even rip the siding off your house. After a storm hits you need to inspect your siding and see if anything was damaged from the storm. You should check to see if your siding has any:

  1. Cracking
  2. Peeling 
  3. Chipping

If you notice any cracking, chipping peeling or loose siding on your house then do not try and fix it on your own. If you try removing the loose pieces yourself then you could make the problem worse and end up causing more damages to your home. After you have inspected your Cary residence you should call your insurance company. Make sure you understand your insurance options and then make a claim. After speaking with your insurance company call our professional contractors at Gen-Ex Construction. We will come out to your home and make the necessary repairs. We will check all of the loose pieces and see if any can be saved. Our team has many years of experience repairing siding from storm damage in the Cary area. We want to make the process as stress free as possible for you.

Emergency Roofing Cary

Living in Cary, Illinois can take a toll on your home’s exterior due to the roller coaster of weather shifts we experience. Sometimes is can be hot and sunny and then snowing by the end of the week! Spring always leaves us with lots of storms with hail, lightning, and thunderstorms. These can all take a toll on your roof. If you are dealing with emergency services, Gen-Ex Construction is the BEST choice for you. You can trust our team with any roofing, siding or gutter problems you might have. We can repair or replace anything that was damaged and help prevent future damage from happening. There are a few things you should keep in mind if something like this does happen to your home in order to keep everyone safe.

Emergency Roof Tips Cary:

Hail: Hail damage can be tricky because it can rip shingles off the roof and cause potential leaks that you will not notice until it is too late. Letting a leak go in the roof is inviting harmful mold and other problems into your attic. One of the best ways to test to see if your roof has a hole in it is to have someone in your attic while you spray the roof with water from your hose.  If there is a hole or a leak, Gen Ex will help you repair it quickly and properly.

Lightning: If lightning strikes your roof in Cary make sure that there was not a fire started from the lightning strike. Stay away from all electronics because they could have been damaged from the lightning. Call your insurance agency and report the lightning strike and then call us at Gen Ex. We will work with your insurance company and repair all of the damage from the strike.

Fallen Tree: If a tree falls on your house, leave the house. The structural integrity could be compromised in ways that you can’t see! Grab anything important and necessary because you might not be able to stay there for awhile. Next, call your insurance company and then call us at Gen-Ex.

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We know how hard it can be after a storm hits and damages your roof or siding. Our team at Gen-Ex is here to help with any repairs or emergency services you need. We also work with all major insurance companies for your convenience! We are always prepared to help when you need it the most. Call us today for a FREE estimate, consultation or emergency service at (815) 388-3561. You can trust Gen-Ex for all your emergency roofing and siding services!

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