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Gutters Lake Forest

Gutters Lake Forest

Gutters are more important to your home than you realize. Originally rainwater would just fall off the sides of the roof and onto the ground. This would be a problem for people leaving the building as rainwater would be more intense at the edge of the roof than it would beyond. Gutters take the rain and move it to a downspout, giving people a dryer exit. Over the years gutters can become damaged from lots of sources.

  • Animals – While downspouts are often intended only to help things go down, animals have a tendency to use them to go up. Birds and squirrels have also been known to make nests in gutters, preventing them from functioning.
  • Ice – In the winter when the water in the gutters stops flowing the water can fill the channel, and when it freezes into ice, the expansion can bend the gutters and downspouts.
  • Debris – Often times gutters catch things that they are not intended to have. Leaves and bits of the roof are typical to find in gutters, and often clog up the downspout, preventing water from entering.
  • Heavy Rains – While designed to handle rainwater, too much rain can overload the gutters, and the extra weight can put a strain on the parts.

Gutter installation Lake Forest

When it comes to placing gutters, it is best left to the professionals. Not every location that you might think needs a gutter, and some that you don’t think needs one might. Thanks to the test of time people have seen what the effects on a home roofs have. These lessons allow modern crews to place gutters where they will have the most benefit while saving you money by not placing them on parts that don’t need it. Also how you connect the gutter to the home is important as well, using the wrong screws, or securing them to the wrong part of your home.

Gutter Replacement Lake Forest

When problems are ignored for too long, or the worst happens, you will have to have your gutters replaced. Often times this is needed when a gutter falls off the side of your home or the damage to a gutter becomes more than a simple seal can fix. Often times new gutters seem like a daunting purchase, but gutters are cheaper and easier to install. Most are made on location to fit thanks to special machines that fit inside a truck or van that shape the gutters to order and the exact length that is needed. This is a major advantage, especially in older homes that could have gutters that are made from multiple lengths cut to fit by replacing them with a single solid piece.

Gutter Repair Lake Forest

Sometimes when damage occurs to gutters, you can easily repair them. Tightening screws, sealing holes, and other minor issues. These often are quick and don’t take much time if any. Properly maintained gutters can help extend the life of them as well. So be sure to clean your gutters regularly, and have them fixed at the first sign of trouble.

Roofing Contractors Lake Forest

When it comes to your home, you should trust professionals. For over 10 years Gen Ex has been helping Lake Forest with the exteriors of their homes. From roofs to siding, we can handle any job. We have a strict code that we follow, like keeping the job site clean, taking before and after pictures, creating checklists unique to every job, and following all safety and local regulations. We also guarantee our work for ten years with our transferable limited labor warranty. So next time you have a project with the exterior of your home, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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