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Roof Repair Vernon Hills

A roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Roofs are so important that many structures are just roofs or versions of a roof such as awnings and gazebos. This is because the biggest shelter that people need is from the sun and the rain. The sun spends most of the time high in the sky, and the rain rarely goes sideways unless there is very high wind, and often you have more of a problem than just the rain. A leak defeats the purpose of a roof by allowing rain to enter your home.  Contact us today for a free estimate on new gutter installation on your Lincolnshire home.

Leaky Roof Repair Vernon Hills

Fixing a leaky roof is always easier when the hole is small. A small enough hole can be fixed by a small patch on the wood underlayment and replacement of the roofing material around the patch. When the hole gets bigger, the cost goes up. A large enough hole will require complete replacement of the roof section which will increase the size of the area that will need to be worked on. This increases the length of time for the repair and the number of people required for the repair, making it more costly than a small hole. Once your roof has been replaced and all damage repaired, you should expect your roof to last as long as the original would.

Leaky Roof Risks Vernon Hills

When it comes to knowing if your home is at risk you need to look for these signs. Animal activity around your home and on your roof, the age of your roof, and trees or other high areas around your roof. Animals pose a significant risk to your roof because they have sharp claws and teeth and will use them to enter your home. Unless your roof is stone or metal, odds are an animal can get through it. Older roofs are at higher risk and knowing the life expectancy of your roof will help you to determine if it is time for a replacement. Normal asphalt roofing tiles last about 20 to 25 years, and you’ll see lots of debris in your gutters, loose tiles, and discoloration on your roof. This means that it is losing its protective properties and puts the wood under the tiles at risk. The last part is for falling debris. Falling branches can poke a hole in your roof in a second. Falling stones or other objects can also cause holes in your roof, but that is only a risk if the ground is higher than your home, or another building is close by that is taller than your home.

Leaky Roof Vernon Hills

Roof leaks can happen in a lot of different ways. Over time and exposure to the elements, your roof can expand, and because most roofing material is secured to roofs using nails, those holes can expand. Typically there is a weatherproof material that is placed around and over these nails to prevent the elements from getting in, but over time those can weaken. Another way holes can form is when debris falls onto your roof poking a hole into it. Animals can dig and chew through your roof to get inside for protection from the elements. Faulty construction is also a possibility for a hole in your roof.

Roofing Experts Vernon Hills

When it comes to your roof, getting things done right is important. You can rely on Gen-Ex to be your residential roofing specialist to get the job done right. We take the time to do the job right the first time, so you don’t have to have it done a second time. From repairs to replacement, there is nothing we can’t handle when it comes to your roof. A small leak or missing shingles might seem like a reasonable project to try on your own, but you may miss something that will lead to a bigger, and more expensive, problem that is best left to a professional roofer. Call Gen Ex Construction today and talk to our 24-hour emergency hotline with a guarantee on all labor.  Follow us on Facebook for promotions, exciting news, and more. 

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