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Storm Damage Remediation in Bull Valley, Illinois

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Storm Damage Remediation & Emergency Roofing & Siding Service in Bull Valley, Illinois

Gen Ex Construction is a leading local roofing company that area homeowners go to when it comes to quickly and efficiently repairing their home’s roofs after sustaining damage from bad storms!  We have local roofing experts in the Bull Valley, Illinois area are ready to help you at a moment’s notice!  If you are stuck dealing with storm damage from gusty winds, hail, or heavy downpours, Gen Ex has the solution because we:

  • Will Work With All Major Insurance Companies
  • Are Ready, Fast, Reliable
  • Have a 5-star rating on Facebook
  • 5-Star Rating With the BBB
  • We Are Local With 24/7 Services

Don’t wait for your home’s roof damage to get worse. Call the experts at Gen Ex today. Our technicians will get to work right away. With us, you’re covered!

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I’m so impressed, what a remarkable company! They replaced our entire roof and did inside drywall repair from leaks. These people really know what they are doing, and go the extra mile! The service is expert. I highly recommend this company if you are looking for quality work.

Bob S.

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Emergency Roofing Service in Bull Valley, Illinois

In Illinois, massive weather shifts are quite common. In fact, it’s not uncommon experience the weather of all four seasons in a matter of days! Springtime fires up strong storms that can produce hail, lightning, and torrential rains. This unstable weather and the elements it brings can take a toll on your home’s exterior including damage your home’s roof, siding, and the general exterior of your home. Thankfully, the experts at Gen Ex are a great choice for emergency storm damage remediation services for your Bull Valley, Illinois home. Our team of technicians have the training, equipment, products and experience you can count on to fix your home and prevent further damage from occurring when the next storm moves through the area.

If a bad storm hits your home, there are certain things you should keep in mind that can help mitigate future damage to keep you and your family safe.

Emergency Home Exterior Service in Bull Valley, Illinois

We’ve seen several storm damage scenariors and understand how troubling it can be when a storm causes damage to your Bull Valley, Illinois home and property. At Gen Ex, we’re ready to help! Call us today at (815) 388-3561 and you can count on us to make sure that you home’s damage is taken care of. The process starts by reaching out to us to schedule a home inspection with our team of technicians. Below further details the beginning of our storm remediation process services.


Storm Damage Fox lake ILOnce we’ve completed the inspection on your home, Gen Ex Construction will get started advising our best recommendations regarding the state of your Bull Valley Illinois property. Our inspector won’t waste any time and will let you know if your roof has any of the following:

  • A claim for entire roof replacement
  • A need for small repair
  • No damage found during our inspection

If your roof has damage, our team of experts will:

  1. Assist you with filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.
  2. Consult with the insurance adjuster (a representative sent by your insurance company to assess the damages).
  3. Help you file any and all necessary paperwork to get your home’s roof claim covered by insurance.
  4. Complete the work once you, as the homeowner, have signed off on it. Then we’ll submit all required documentation to your insurance company to process.
  5. Get you the appropriate funding necessary to cover the cost of restoring your home’s exterior to pre-storm condition.


If a big storm plows the area and causes damage to your home, we highly advise you keep the following things in mind that can help minimize any future damage and keep you and your family safe

Emergency Roof Tips:

If lightning strikes your roof: check that no fire has been ignited from the strike. Avoid all electronics because they could have been damaged or fried from the lightning strike. Call your insurance agency to report the lightning strike. Next, call us at Gen Ex so we can work with your insurance company and repair all the damage that resulted from the strike.

If hail damage has occurred:  Hail damage can be tricky because that driving force can rip shingles off the roof. While that may only appear cosmetic, this kind of damage is far worse than at first glance would imply. That’s because this damage can cause potential leaks. You may not even see these leaks until they’re really bad. Not addressing a roof leak can cause harmful mold to sprout and other water-related problems into your attic. You can check whether or not your roof has a hole in it by having someone in your attic stand watch while you spray the roof with water from your hose.  If you spot any leaks or holes, Gen Ex will get it fixed quickly and properly.

If a tree falls on your roof:  If a tree collapses on your house, this can be a very dangerous situation that may not be apparent at fist. The structural integrity of your home could be compromised in ways that you may not seem evident! You need to exit as soon as possibly. Quickly retrieve absolutely necessary items because you might not be able to return for a while. Call your insurance company and next call us at Gen Ex. We can make recommendations to repair any problems that may have occurred from the tree damage caused to your home’s exterior.

Emergency Siding Tips:

If a bad storm is plowing through the area with gusty winds and hail, you’re home’s siding can literally be ripped off of the house. Here are some tips of advice you can do to help avoid further damage:

Don’t Tear the Siding Off:  If your home has siding that became come loose or is sticking out, it’s imperative that you do not try to rip it off of your house. It’s may be possible to salvage it. However, if you tear the damaged siding off, you may actually worsen the damage because it could affect other pieces.

Be Careful Near the Edges: Take extra care while walking around the edges of the siding. Damaged edges are sharp and can scratch or cut you very easily depending on what type siding is installed on your home.

Collect the Pieces: Retrieve any pieces of siding around your home. Obviously, you don’t them to get blown into your neighbor’s yards or around the area. In addition, when it comes to siding, you never know what can be salvaged, so it’s a good idea to collect and pieces you’re safely able to.

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